Buy Local - Darlington & District

At Darlington Business Club we want you to buy local. Whether you are a resident buying a pint of locally produced milk or a business looking for local training facilities, we believe Darlington has it all.

Choosing a local supplier has real economic, social and environmental benefits to Darlington as a whole. Supporting local businesses ensures more money gets re-circulated in the Darlington and district economy instead of pouring out to nationally or internationally owned companies.

We are proud of Darlington. It has a fantastic array of goods and services. If your business or organisation has a DL (or TS21 1) postcode then sign up now.

If you live in the Darlington or the surrounding district please pledge your support and receive our residents' newsletter featuring amazing news, offers and information all from local businesses.

As well a reducing your carbon footprint, buying from local Darlington businesses helps secure and generate local jobs.

Take a look at some of the great local companies and organisations in our business directory.

Darlington Business Club is a not-for-profit organisation and the owner of the Buy Local - Darlington campaign and website.

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